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Natural Permanent Cosmetic Clinic
by Roxanne
Lasting Effects TM  Permanent Make-Overs using Eyebrows, Eyeliners & Lipliners

Lasting Effects
Roxanne is the leading choice of physicians and patients in Maryland for referrals!
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Roxanne invented the "natural look" permanent cosmetic in 1991. Her applications are ONLY  available on at Lasting Effects-  no one else has been able to duplicate her artistry &  special, "advanced techniques."
Roxanne operated  the  only Maryland Higher Education School of Permanent Cosmetics for 8 years. !
Roxanne is a Paramedical Practitioner, a graduate of the
A.A. degree program of Nuclear Medicine Technology, with clinical rotation at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Roxanne is Maryland's most experienced permanent cosmetic practitioner, with 10 years more experience than any other Maryland technician.

Roxanne has applied over 70% of all the permanent cosmetics in the Baltimore area and Roxanne has complehted over 10,000 permanent cosmetic procedures.
Full Lipcolor
Soft  tone shades
Make an appointment today and have a wonderful experience. When Roxanne applies your permanent cosmetics, using her trademark Natural Look ' method, her artistry will bring out your features as you  wished they could be.
Eyebrows that look so real,  no one will know if you don't tell them!

Who is talking about Roxanne's
"Natural Look" Permanent Cosmetics?

Television Appearances-
on WBAL TV,on the show
Health Alert'
Donna Hamilton.
A demo of her  'Natural Look'
Permanent Eyebrows
Minority Business News
Roxanne appeared ,
A demo of 'natural look'
Permanent Eyebrows

Roxanne's  archived Radio Show
WVIE -MD  Radio show 'Lasting Effects' (2006)
Hosted by Roxanne,
Health & beauty topics.

Roxanne in Person
Permatasia Convention Oct.
Balto. Womens Show 9 yrs.
Maryland State Fair-
in the Exhibition Hall - 8 yrs.
Home & Garden show-fall
Home & Garden Show-spring
Maryland Horse Show
White Marsh Mall Show

Roxanne in print-articles
Towson Times
article about
& her invention-

natural look'
permanent cosmetics.

Roxanne in print--ads
Baltimore Magazine
Towson Times
Howard County Times
Baltimore Messenger

Roxanne's Radio Ads
are heard on : WCBM Radio


LEARN ABOUT: "NATURAL LOOK" CONSULTATIONS. Eyebrows are designed according to facial shape.

Immediatley after-this will soften.

Natural Eyebrows
Hair stroke style

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Everyone knows the brows
frame the eyes!
You too can have that same look, designed by Roxanne.

Creator of the "Natural Look" style.

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#1 in MD Permanent Cosmetics for 20 years!       
Roxanne first created her "Natural Look" Permanent Cosmetic Style in 1991
using her artistry and custom mixed colors...see for yourself-
Smooth stroke & feathered
Do you have eyebrow envy?